• Global eJournals Library(GeJL)
    資源名稱: Global eJournals Library(GeJL)

     It is a discovery service to global e-journal literature published in open access format. Launched in 2014 by a joined effort of World eBooks Library LTD from UK and Informatics India Limited from India, the Global eJournal Library provides seamless access to millions of open access journals articles published in over 17,000 journals from over 8,000 publishers. As per August 2014, it provides access to more than 7,000,000 open access journals articles from 130 countries worldwide. The number of articles keeps growing on a daily basis and it is our aim to reach 10,000,000 in early 2015. The process of collecting, curating, organizing, indexing and making discoverable open access journals articles started back in 2001 and its scope embraces Golden OA Journals, Embargo Journals and Corporate OA Journals.

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